Here’s to those who “exaggerate.”

To those who are too sensitive

Who cry too much

Who are too loud

Here’s to those who are loved, but not liked by their family.

To those who are different

Who get the disapproving looks

And the head shakes and eye roles

To any one who is never taken seriously

Or is told they’re always lying.

This is for those who everyone loves to hate, and pretends to love.

Never stop being you. Don’t change for what other people want. If you’re not hurting others, then I don’t see a problem because life is not just about conforming to make others happy and comfortable.

Focus on self care

Take care of yourself because IT IS NOT SELFISH to make sure you’re healthy and happy. “Put on your oxygen mask before anyone elses” remember that.

Know that the reason you are being judged is because others are insecure or unhappy. It all says more about them than it does about you.

Maybe it’s constructive

If it’s something you’ve wanted to change yourself or some how constructive then run with it. Use it.

If it’s not, and it’s only hurtful. Untrue. Or something that really shouldn’t rub someone the wrong way. Ignore them. Listen to your friends and family that love you. The ones that like you. Be you, because so many people care about you, just the way you are. Listen to them when they compliment you, or tell you to ignore the “haters.”


Be proud of your accomplishments. Be sad or frustrated about your struggles. Get angry. EXAGGERATE.

Don’t let this world take away your emotions and feelings because they make someone else uncomfortable. That’s their problem.

If they feel you being excited about something in your life. Or being upset by something in your life is exaggerating. Or wrong. Over the top. Or a lie.

Ignore the shit out of them.

It’s time to take back our identities. To love ourselves (even if it is an uphill battle). We don’t need anyone else making it harder. Stick with those who truly care about you, or you’ll never see in yourself what they do.

Learning to love yourself is one of the hardest things you can do in life. It’s time to stop making it even harder.

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